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Audra Martin, PhD, LISW-S

Chief Executive Officer

Haydee Thomas, RN

Chief Operating Officer


Our Story

Our First Visit

Audra and Haydee realized they were the "dynamic duo" after a joint case management visit of an individual in need of healthcare and community resources. As Audra began to document, they quickly began to fill each others sentences to address the service gaps, addressing situations that could've been prolonged or missed had there not have been the collaboration and level of expertise at hand. 


They realized the effectiveness of the collaboration between a multi-disciplinary approach to care by a Social Worker and Registered Nurse.

Crossing a Path of Faith

A few months later... they found themselves one Sunday morning at church listening to the Pastor talk about the importance of sharing gifts and talents for the good of others, serving people, and serving the community as a whole.

The Start of Our Journey

On that day, their eyes were opened , they shared their passion, and made a commitment to establish an agency where giving resources, providing advocacy, and quality care would serve as their foundation. In their daily work, they ensure equality among all the individuals they serve and strive to ensure the individuals remain in their community and maintain a safe and healthy well-being.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

To improve the significant health disparities of race, income, geography, and disability within the State of Ohio by providing a standard of excellence in residential, social and health service delivery while Giving, Resources, Advocacy, Care and Equality to the individuals we serve. 

Our Purpose

To ensure individuals have every opportunity to become resilient and achieve an optimal level of living while contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Our Vision

To provide a standard of excellence within the underserved communities that will serve as a model for those entities providing service(s) to persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities within the underserved communities.

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